For several years, I provided pro bono community relations consultation to the Salem Public School (SPS) District. In 2016-2017, I served on the district’s strategic planning committee to provide feedback on objectives regarding community engagement. In 2017-2018, I served on the SPS website advisory committee and provided feedback on their new website redesign. In 2019, I also served on the search committee for the new Chief of Public Relations for the district.

Additionally, in my capacity as public relations professor at Salem State University, I oversaw a one-year directed study of nine public relations students who engaged in an experiential learning opportunity with the SPS. As part of this collaboration, I oversaw the creation of a communication audit for the district in which students analyzed current communication policies in place at the district, current demographic information for the district, and previously collected community surveys and other forms of feedback about the district. For primary data collection and analysis, students conducted a focus group of principals about their current communication strategies, an analysis of traditional PR materials, a local media analysis, a social media analysis, a focus group with key community stakeholders, and an interview with the superintendent and communication director.