Recently I have been able to develop and teach courses related to my research area and interests. These courses focus on political communication broadly and civic media and activism more specifically. Through these courses, I introduce both theoretical and applied perspectives to critically engaging with and producing political communication.

Intermediate Undergraduate Courses

Course syllabus

Political Communication

This course examines attitude change, public opinion, propaganda, mass media, and other aspects of communication as they influence the political world. Additionally, utilizing a hands-on approach, students will generate various forms of political communication covering both individual and governmental spheres. (Oral Communication course)

Course syllabus

Civic Media

This course uses comparative, global, and historical perspectives to examine media practices that foster civic participation.  Students will learn civic media theories, academic and practitioner research, and project design methods to understand how media can be used for civic engagement. Case studies are used to explore civic media across platforms, contexts, audiences, and purpose to touch upon concepts like participatory culture, citizen journalism, resistance media, and media activism. (Personal Growth and Responsibility course)

Advanced Undergraduate Courses


Cinema and Activism

This seminar will explore the relationship between cinema, advocacy, and activism by analyzing the social and political contexts of the production and circulation of visual media across a variety of cinematic platforms to understand the ways in which visual media impact social life. Specifically, this course focuses on advocacy addressed through cinema as content, activism about the film industry, and cinema for activism–or how cinema can be used as effective storytelling tools in advocacy and activist efforts.

Course syllabus

Civic Media Co-lab

This project-based studio course asks students to investigate the creation and use of civic media in society through analytical, participatory, and collaborative approaches. Emphasis is placed on co-design and the application of technology to civic problems to provide students with the tools they need to grapple with contemporary and civic challenges. Students work with a community partner to create civic media projects that meet an identified real-world community need over the course of the semester. (Writing Level III course)