Evolving the Collective Conscious: A Closer Look at the Offline Actions of the Online World

My master’s thesis applies Anderson and Meyer’s (1988) theory of social action media studies to examine whether social action occurs offline as a result of controversial topics discussed in online communities. A hybrid media analysis was used and incorporated an ethnographic study, analysis of online discussion forums, and semiotic analysis of postcards and community member engagement of the PostSecret blog and online community.


Vincent, C. (2009). En Route to Integrality: Consciousness Milestones Through Online Communities. Paper presented at the 39th Annual International Jean Gebser Society Conference. Hempstead, NY October 2009. DOWNLOAD PAPER HERE

Vincent, C. (2008). A Means to an End: Suicide Messages Visually Communicated. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference. San Diego, CA November 2008. DOWNLOAD PAPER HERE